Peter Callander

Multi Award Winning Songwriter Producer

Avenues And Alleyways
(Tony Christie)
The Ballad Of Bonnie & Clyde
(Georgie Fame)
I Did What I Did For Maria
(Tony Christie)
Give Me Time
(Dusty Springfield)
Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast
(Wayne Newton)
Billy Don't Be A Hero
(Paper Lace - UK
Bo Donaldson -USA)

Hitchin' A Ride
(Vanity Fare)

Suddenly You Love Me

The Night Chicago Died
(Paper Lace)

Peter Callander

At the BMI Awards dinner on October 9th 2012 Peter received an award for 3 million performances in America of his song "Hitching A Ride". (Picture Gallery)

Had dinner with Neil Sedaka who wrote "Amarillo", which Peter produced with Tony Christie, and the record has twice been a multi-million seller.
Neil and Peter


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New Cuts ...

Diane Shaw has released the first single “Leave A Little Love” from her northern soul Album. The Album called LOVE, LIFE AND STRINGS went straight into the Amazon Top 20 Soul Chart. “Leave A Little Love” is getting a lot of play on the radio stations as well as creating quite a stir on Facebook and Twitter. (See Les Reed's post below * )

9 new cuts of Peter's songs were released in November 2013 in America. TWO of them are singles "Up" by Caitlin Rose and "Sunday Morning Girl" by David Carter.

Czech singer Yvette Simonová has cut "Turn On The Sun" which was a huge European hit for Nana Mouskouri.

Tony Christie has cut "I Can't Lie To Me Anymore". Just released in Germany.

Ivana Bagova has cut "What Are They Gonna Do" for release in the Czech Republic.

Irish group Karen & The Dolans have just released a great version of Peter's song
"A New Word For Sorry".

Getting strong radio play and very positive reactions. The group is living up to the great achievements of their superstar uncle Joe Dolan.

* Les Reed posted on Diane Shaw's Facebook page:
“My dear Diane, … on behalf of my lyric partner, dear Peter Callander and his darling wife Connie, I would like to thank you most sincerely for your beautiful recording of "Leave a Little Love". An incredible version of the song which hopefully will delight, not only your legion of fans, but the broadcasters too. You are a gem of a lady Diane with much heart, soul and love. Thank you again. x “